3 Summer Ready Tops

April 08, 2017

Ok, I admit. There are certain things I care about when I'm choosing my summer tops: 

the fabric - has to be light
the design - has to have that element of surprise
details, details, details - it's all in the details

I've been telling you in my previous post (here) about FairySeason so here it is, the rest of my order from them: 3 summery tops. I will briefly describe them all below.

1. The black jumper with a twist: an open back. Simply perfect. Just put it on, no bra, no fuss. Looks casual, provocative and cool.


2. That 70's Show -  a 70's inspired t-shirt with a very Californian print. It makes me wanna go surfing. It makes me dream about being on a beach, enjoying the Sun, swimmimg and listening to the sound of the wind.


3. The Lace-up Top - Oh well, this one was a bit difficult to pull off. I still need to figure out what it works best with. It's a bit difficult to put on or take off, I might have gone up one size and I shouldn't have, but overall I like it. Love the lace-up detail even though I don't have the patience to wear it too often - and I also hate ironing. Haha, But it was love at first sight, you know how it is.


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